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Vulcan dominerà il mercato!

2 months ago

Vulcanair Aircraft Australia

More exciting news on the V1.0
The Australian demonstrator is in production and will arrive later in 2018., the U.S. distributor of Vulcanair aircraft, is very pleased to announce that the first single-engine V1.0 is now flying after arriving from Italy last week. The aircraft will be available for demo flights until Aug. 13th at the Miami Executive airport. Please call 305-338-7979 or 818-307-5607 to schedule your flight. Any aircraft ordered today will be a 2019 model aircraft and will come equipped with a G500 TXi avionics package with a constant speed propeller as standard with a fixed pitch propeller as an option. The 2019 price is $278,000.00.
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More exciting news on the V1.0
The Australian demonstrator is in production and will arrive later in 2018. attachment

4 months ago

Vulcanair Aircraft Australia

A few more pics from Naples courtesy of AOPA test pilot Paul Southwick.

Thanks to the team at Vulcanair for arranging the test flight of the V1.0 for AOPA Australia. PILOT AUSTRALIA EDITOR’S TEST FLIGHT OF THE VULCANAIR V1.0

Here are some images of the editor’s flight test of the Vulcanair v1.0 today in a flight from Naples (LIRN) to Pontecagnano (LIRI) and back via the Sorrento VOR. There were turbulent and windy conditions making for a real test of this Italian high wing offering with a 180hp engine and constant speed unit.

The man in the orange is Andrea, the chief test pilot for Vulcanair who was our guide today.

If you are a flight training organisation looking for a well-priced and tough fleet replacement aircraft that can stand up to the demands of an Australian flight school, then this Garmin G500 equipped, IFR certified, four-seater, which just received its CASA approval, may well be worth a close look when the demonstrator (which AOPA PILOT AUSTRALIA saw under construction in the factory) lands in Australia later this year.

For the full report read the Aug-Sep issue of AOPA PILOT AUSTRALIA magazine.

Paul M Southwick

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